Integrated Communications Strategies, LLC

Integrated Communications Strategies, LLC provides policy and crisis communication, issue management, government relations, strategic planning, and economic development services. Our office is located in Sacramento, but our clients include companies, public agencies, trade associations, coalitions, foundations and nonprofit organizations in and outside of California. We offer clients exclusively senior-level practitioners who have decades of experience solving challenges and protecting reputations on a wide range of issues.

Our Services

We specialize in providing consulting services that are critical to influencing public policy debates and managing threats from litigation, media scrutiny, government investigations, and other disruptions to normal operations.


ICS works with organizations at every phase in the crisis life cycle to mitigate risks to their reputation. Our services include scenario planning and risk assessments , protocol development, message development, media training, and communications counseling during a crisis.


Whether on local issues or statewide legislative or regulatory matters, ICS provides the full suite of communications support services to amplify the voices of clients and their allies.


As issue managers, front-line spokespersons and media trainers, we know how to leverage earned, owned and paid media channels to tell our clients’ stories when the stakes are high and their reputations are at risk.


A clear and compelling organizational strategy is more essential than ever. We have the experience and tools to help leaders create alignment around a strategy for near-term performance and long-term impact. ICS has the knowledge, seasoned expertise and the relationships to help clients build effective economic recovery strategies.

Our Expertise

We have sectoral expertise on issues relating to education, insurance and liability, energy, public finance, healthcare, economic development, labor and employment, public safety , land use, water resources.



Issue management and reputational communications for public and private universities and colleges, community colleges, and K-12 school districts.


Planning and implementation of targeted growth initiatives, emphasizing the triple-bottom line.


Issue management on legislative and regulatory issues related to workers’ compensation and civil liability.


Communications counsel on collective bargaining, personnel and immigration issues.


Renewable energy project approvals and transmission infrastructure permitting.


Issue and reputational communications for public fire agencies and districts.


Communications and campaign management on assessment districts and tax measures.


Outreach and media relations to support planning and project approvals.


Communications counsel for health plans, providers, drug manufacturers and health foundations.


Issue management and media relations for water districts on supply, conveyance and conservation issues.

Our Clients

Who We Are

For decades, Jose Hermocillo and Jerry Azevedo have provided communications counsel at the highest levels of government, private industry and nonprofits on complex and high-stakes issues. After working together for 15 years at one of the largest PR agencies in the Sacramento region, they formed their own firm in 2016 to offer issue management, policy and crisis communication services.

The third partner, Bill Mueller, was the CEO of Valley Vision for 12 years and is a highly-respected communication professional specializing in strategic planning, facilitation, economic development, and leadership coaching. He helps the firm manage a growing need among our clients for core organizational consulting as a complement to communication and issue management services.

In addition, we maintain a network of seasoned associates with decades of experience at the highest levels of government and private industry to support our work and our clients.

Our Philosophy

The consulting market has changed for both the buyers and sellers of communications services. Rather than get locked into an “agency of record” relationship where the client doesn’t receive enough attention from senior-level consultants, organizations looking for these services increasingly want to partner with a seasoned practitioner or boutique firm that possesses specialized skills or strategically valuable relationships that match their particular need.

In a similar vein, many of today’s most talented practitioners are choosing to stay independent of large firms, meaning there is a deep pool of highly talented freelancers across many markets specializing in opinion research, in-depth issue research, digital advertising and grassroots advocacy needed to support the client’s needs.

Our firm embraces both of these market dynamics. The partners and associates consult directly with clients to help them navigate through crisis, change and disruption. When necessary, we leverage our extensive network to contract with talent from outside the firm.

We offer clients exclusively senior-level practitioners who have decades of experience solving challenges and protecting reputations on a wide range of issues.


2100 21st Street Sacramento, CA 95818